Living room tables – 35 tips for choosing


No doubt that you cannot complete designing a house without finalizing the living room. On the other hand the furniture which fills the space and gives colors and life to this place is of utmost importance.

Heart of the house

Among these article living room tables carry more weight and importance than rest of the things. They carry lamps, music systems, television and other artifacts.

Every living room has multiple tables and they all have their own unique identity and class. The tables which serve food and tea are like helping hands. They help you serve your guests.

Contemporary Tables

If we look at the past, the living room tables were mainly made of wood and they were bigger in size. But as we advance in time and age different modern designs have overtaken the old ones.

Transforming from wooden color into white, grey, orange and multiple other shades the modern designs have also replaced wood as production material. The contemporary tables are easy to move, clean and maintain.

It has also widened the magnitude of artistry. These tables come in different sizes and shapes with different height, width and length. Above all they are tailored made as per the dimensions of your living area.

If you don’t want to purchase one, you can get one made in whatever profile you want.


The table lamp in the corner, stereo system at the north wall and the crystal piece at the center all require particular form of a table. Without living room table it is not possible to have all these properly placed.

The modern tables come with multiple shelves so that while occupying minimal space it gives maximum output. You may use the same center table to put a vase on the top and your books on the lower shelf.

Similarly the table with drawers would be more efficient for storage. It may depend on multiple factor while you pick these tables but whatever you chose, make sure it goes with the overall theme. Being utilized smartly these tables will give a new life to your space.




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