Living room ideas – 38 decorating tips to improve the appearance of your living area


Decorating can be a very fun exercise, especially if you already have all your ideas aligned in advance. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck midway when decorating simply because you have run out of living room decorating ideas.

To avoid such occurrences, here are some few tips to help you have an easier time when redecorating.

Paint job for the walls

Ideally, you cannot entirely revamp a room’s outlook without at least touching up on the walls, be it a minor or a major alteration. A good paint job does well to bring out a complete makeover to your living room area.

There is an incredibly wide variety of living room ideas that one can comfortably pick from when it comes to redecorating. Depending on the mood you want to set for your living room, you can go for either soft or dark colors.

The soft colors such as yellow, light blue and pink are the best to bring out your living room’s beauty in a subtle way. These colors are perfect because they do not take much away from the furniture and the decorations around.

On the other hand, darker color brings out a sense of boldness. Choose your color scheme based on your personality and personal preference, you cannot possibly go wrong.

Make a statement with your furniture

Having chosen the living room paint ideas that have suited you the best, you can now go ahead to select matching furniture pieces or rather contradicting ones to blend perfectly with your wall’s paint job.

Lighter walls are better suited to match with darker furniture pieces and vice versa. If for example you have chosen the light blue shade for your walls, go for brown, dark blue or black seats, wooden tables and carpets.

That way, you manage to steer away from the matchy- matchy pattern. Remember to make outstanding and unique furniture collections so that your personality can be depicted in every single item you have chosen for your living room.

Use accessories to uplift your living room’s appearance

Seeing that the living room is the most visited area of your house, automatically it ought to be the most cozy and relaxing space. That said, it is mandatory that you put the most effort in making it look flawless and dashing for both your sake and that of your guests.

Surely, if your living space is welcoming, your guests will find themselves visiting you more often than necessary. Wall paintings, expensive wall hangings, exquisite chandeliers, appealing wall papers and such like features will add a superior look to the room.

Invest on magnificent indoor lighting and large windows covering entire walls to allow for natural light. For that extra oomph, you must endeavor to incorporate your personal taste with your living room’s specific decoration style as much a possible.


Remember to not cramp up your space such that you cannot even maneuver without knocking your toes on everything along the way.

To avoid congesting the living room area, focus on having the least amount of decorative pieces and furniture possible. Only get what you really need.





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