Living room decor – 36 different ways to decorate a living room in your home


A living room in a home can serve several diverse functions, ranging from a formal sitting space to a relaxed living space. As you start searching for the living room decorating ideas, consider the preferred purpose of the space and focus on some staple items, like a coffee table, a comfortable couch, etc., and then decide the rest of the accent furnishings and living room decor accordingly.

How can you decorate your living room?

When the question arises how to decorate a living room, there are no fixed rules and it depends on the size of your room.

When thinking about different living room decorating ideas, the design of your living room should be as comfortable as possible for your family members and for the guests, visiting your home. However, appropriate care should also be taken to make it compatible with the everyday living.

When considering living room colors, almost all people have an inclination to go unbiased or daringly vibrant in living rooms, but think twice about choosing overboard with either.

If you choose neutral colors for the large things, such as armchairs, sofas, and ottomans, then decide rather bold with ornamental accessories. Similarly, if you would like your couch to be a statement piece, then reduce the décor, so they do not defend attention.

If you have a mid-sized living room in your home, consider living room decorating ideas, such as curtains and rugs, which can be double decorative and functional when done correctly.

Lighting plays a vital role in a living room décor, as well, so if you have the aptitude to do overhead lighting, or you want to use floor and table lamps, one can be design features in themselves, including putting the spotlight on other decoration you want to display.

While decorating your living room, position the lighting consistent with any art you would like to illuminate. However, keep in mind to have a well-illuminated spot for reading associated activities, too.

What should dominate your living room design?

Formerly, living rooms in any home were intended to work as stylish settings for hosting and amusing, whereas family rooms were exploited for more relaxed, daily activities, such as playing, lounging, or watching television shows.

However, many modern day homes usually have one big room, which will function as both a primary living and an entertainment space.

If you use your living room for entertaining purposes, you will probably be using it as a sitting space to have tea or coffee and to chat with your guests, without interruptions, such as television.

As habitually revealed in living room photographs, a bar cart, formal furnishings and a stunning focal point, like a classy fireplace and mantel, will assist in attaining this feel and look.

Alternatively, if you use your living room as your principal living space, it is supposed to be installed with a television, a complete set of sofas, gaming spot, and a media console.


Finally, consider your needs while thinking about different living room decorating ideas because in any case, a family with small kids will likely require a playroom, rather than a formal sitting space.

Therefore, whatever the size of your living room is, there is a plethora of living room decoration ideas to decide.






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