Small living room ideas – Make your small living room glow with these 10 enchanting decorating ideas


The rule number one when it comes to the small living room decorating ideas is that limitation is not a solution.

If your home is making you feel frustrated, step back and stop thinking negatively about your room. With little open-mindedness and creativity, you’ll be able to make your living room both pleasant and comfortable.

Luxurious decoration doesn’t mean the room must be big. In essence, both small and big living rooms have their pros and cons. Big living rooms can look pretty empty and cold if the decoration is not used well.

And on the other hand, small living rooms can easily look crowded. Instead of focusing on changing architecture, adopt a new way of thinking that will lead you to the best use of what you’ve got. Instead of focusing on making your living room visually larger, focus on the best possible solutions.

Decorating theme

You have so many small living room design ideas that you don’t know where to start.

Decoration theme can help you focus your thoughts on specific things. When you find the most distinctive theme, choose the palette of colors, the design, and the style that will lead you to the realization of your small living room ideas.

Before you start, explore a couple of themes. The choice of the theme will help you plan your budget. There are plenty of themes that would be ideal for your room, like Mediterranean, formal, modern, or rustic.

Explore the themes that will match your lifestyle and the things you love. For example, if you love flowers, make your living room neutral with the accent on radiant flower designs. And if you like video games and movies, decorate your room in a modern style with plenty of displays and velvet surfaces.

The furniture

No matter the theme you choose, your primary goal should be to create a comfortable living room. The first thing you need to do is to make a list of furniture that you think you’ll need.

If you have guests over regularly, don’t forget that you must have enough space to sit. And if you like to read and collect books, the vitrines, and the bookshelves are necessary.

After you’ve made a list, try to visualize how it will look like. With time you’ll understand that you have more things on your list than you actually need. You’ll certainly need a sofa, a chair, an armchair, a floor lamp, and the multimedia center. This is more than enough furniture to one small living room.

Avoid the disarray

The biggest enemy of small living rooms is the disarray. Keep all things that you don’t need in a closet.

You should put the things you daily use daily use on the shelves or on a commode. Even though the living room is small, there are more than enough storage possibilities.

Colors and lights

The bright colors don’t make small rooms larger, they make them brighter. In fact, a living room that is dark-colored will look much larger, comfortable and attractive with a proper lighting.

If you choose to make your walls dark-colored, use lighting pointed upward. One of the ideas can be combining the dark-colored walls with one wall in another color, as the dominant one.

The floor

No matter the material you used for floors, it must be in a bright, neutral color. The dark colors of the floor will make your living room crowded and it will ruin your decoration.





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