Choosing Romantic Lamps for your Bedroom

Would you like to surround yourself with a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your home? Then you’re in luck, since in our catalog you can find different lamps with characteristics that inspire delicacy, simplicity and elegance.

Romantic lamps are characterized by their delicate tones, among which white, beige, pink, blue or purple cannot be missing. Another very common peculiarity is its way of lighting, since it seeks to recreate the romantic atmosphere by providing the room with an intimate, select and cozy atmosphere during the night. Romantic lamps are undoubtedly unique, which is why at LightingSpain we have made a meticulous selection to offer you the best lighting, taking this trend into account.

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Choose your pendant lamp with crystal details with soft shine or romantic table lamps with fabric shades. If you are looking for a specific color or material, we recommend that you use our filters so that the result is unique to you and you find your perfect lamp.

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The romantic lighting style is inspired by the 50’s and is characterized by the use of special materials and ornaments to provide a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Introducing these lamps in our home we will receive in return a magical atmosphere so that we can enjoy truly romantic evenings.

Their designs are achieved through the introduction of quality materials such as crystals along with metal structures. For this reason, many of the chandeliers are considered romantic, since they incorporate striking decorations and create endearing atmospheres. Lamps with candle-shaped bulbs are also a clear example of the romantic style, and are perfect for lighting up our bedroom with a special charm.

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Floral details or soft fabric shades are other of the most common features of this type of lamps. It is important that the light they emit is warm and calm to recreate that characteristic atmosphere.

We cannot forget the chandeliers that become a great option to reproduce romantic environments in our corridors, living rooms or halls. With its soft light we will feel more comfortable and we will make every moment more pleasant. This type of lighting comes in handy when we want to add more light to the space.

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Romantic style decoration for the living room

Another room designed for relaxation, as well as for sharing moments with the family, is the living room. A living room with a romantic atmosphere cannot give up this type of furniture, with a classic design simulating the furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries. They are pieces with finishes in geometric shapes and always made of wood, if possible with an aged appearance.

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On the other hand, you have to opt for bright but neutral colors, such as pastel tones: white, blue, earth color…, and complete this with ornamental details of all kinds, including some wallpaper walls.

Lighting in romantic style decoration

A very important and differential section of romantic decoration is lighting. This style is characterized by maximizing natural light, but complementing it with warm artificial lighting.

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Candles, as we have seen in the bathroom, are a good complement, but they are not the only one. When we talk about romantic lighting we refer to intimate lights, with warm light, that favor a very relaxed atmosphere.

Luminaires of this type are hanging chandeliers and table lamps with fabric lampshades in warm tones. Also, another proposal is to integrate light sources that are adjustable in their light power, to create different environments depending on the time of day. Finally, a formula to play with natural lighting is to install curtains in warm tones.

The romantic-style decoration seeks above all to guarantee peace and relaxation inside the house, especially in the rooms intended for rest. For this, the furniture, the lighting and the wise choice of colors are essential.

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