3 Gorgeous Outdoor Curtains –And What They’ll Do for Your Home!


So, you’ve just invested in that new patio. Or maybe you went totally wild with that luxe gazebo/pool setup. Regardless of your posh addition, you shouldn’t have to stop just there!

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An outdoor curtain is the dash of style your new space needs. Here’s a quick guide on what to look out for when outdoor curtain clearance shopping. Are you ready for all that Instagram pictures you’re about to take?

What Outdoor Curtains Clearance to Buy?

  • The dark and brooding – Now, everyone knows that the first basic rule of interior design is to play with lighter colors. To encourage the illusion of space, right? While that’s true, you might want to bend the rules a little for your new little hideout. Experiment with darker outdoor curtain colors to give out a new message; one that screams privacy and ultimate seclusion. Perfect for couples still stuck in that honeymoon phase.
  • Let’s go to the beach! – Not all of us can afford weekend getaways to villas, sadly. However, you can recreate it in your own backyard. Opt for lightweight, sheer and bright colors if you’d much rather be a beach bum in your own space. These outdoor curtains guarantee natural sunlight and breeze in your hair; making for a relaxing experience.
  • 21st century hipster – You’re already stocking up on floral leggings and shirts –so why not outdoor curtains? Sprinkle a little of your own individuality into your selection of these curtains. Some good examples would be floral and animal prints, geometric designs or any other abstract materials. Guaranteed brownie points for being #totallyalternative.

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The Right Fit Depends On Your Mood

There’s thousands of outdoor curtains clearance sales to shop from. You can always get them for affordable and competitive prices –but what is it exactly that you want to embody with your new space? Get an opinion from family or friends or experiment with different styles, but always remember! Your curtains only have to resemble your mood and spirit. Choose wisely.

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