New Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Today’s modern farmhouses differ little in style from earlier constructions. Except for the material and the fact that the so-called “home bar” today has more of a formal, purely stylistic meaning. What is the farmhouse style today, and why do people want to have it in their apartments and private houses?

The answer is simple – life in the metropolis is very stressful and the desire to create a corner of unity with nature and the rustic environment is understandable. That’s why we will now present to your attention several options for the design of a modern farmhouse style kitchen. Know that you can always bring to the interior of a city apartment design elements that will create the impression of the interior environment of a farmhouse.

#1 Black and white modern farmhouse kitchen

A very stylish black and white farmhouse kitchen is the perfect option for fans of minimalism. Every detail in the design of this kitchen, every element- everything is perfect and looks very sophisticated. Black matte cabinets are very cool combined with white glossy surfaces, because the contrast in the interior is always cool and stylish, and as if antique wooden details in the form of shelves, hood and kitchen island are excellent indicators that this kitchen is just a modern farmhouse style kitchen.

This color scheme will remind you of the good old and warm rustic classics, and you will definitely want to spend a lot more time in your kitchen cooking new culinary masterpieces.

#2 Black matte farmhouse style kitchen

Black matte kitchen furniture always looks very stylish, modern, and most importantly – aesthetic and beautiful. If you are a connoisseur of minimalism and want to keep clarity in your interior, then this option of farmhouse style kitchen is just for you.

Black in the interior is always elegant and sophisticated, and there are also stereotypes associated with it, that it depresses, eats light and space, and black furniture looks bulky. Moreover, when used intelligently, as in this version of the farmhouse kitchen, black is a neutral base color on par with white. It erases the boundaries of space, visually expanding it. Black looks very dense and creates a special deep atmosphere.

#3 White marble farmhouse kitchen

A very beautiful, light, delicate and delightful modern farmhouse style kitchen design option. White kitchen design is considered one of the most luxurious and pleasant solutions, which will allow you to demonstrate the brightness of details, keep the base neutral and experiment without limits.

Wooden furniture, massive tables and wide sofas will look much more pleasant if white is taken as the basis – it removes their bulkiness and makes them less heavy. The main elements of the farmhouse style are bare ceiling beams-slabs, natural wooden furniture without special treatment, a fireplace or hearth made of natural stone, textiles made of natural materials.

#4 Bright farmhouse kitchen

Interior in the farmhouse style – it is not always gray and black colors, very often the kitchen is chosen in light shades. So you can visually expand the space in your kitchen and make yourself as pleasant and comfortable environment, where you and your partner can not only cook delicious breakfasts, but also have romantic dinners.

We advise to take a closer look at this variant of the kitchen in the farmhouse style, if you like big bright spaces and a similar interior in your home or apartment. At the same time, this interior has dark elements, so that the kitchen does not look like a hospital ward.

#5 Modern blue farmhouse kitchen

A very beautiful, bright and modern farmhouse kitchen in a shade of blue sky, just look how cool it looks. This farmhouse kitchen is a great option for those who want a farmhouse style kitchen at home, but don’t want the usual gray, black or white colors, want something unusual and bright.

This option is good because it simultaneously combines blue and white cabinets, which you can store dishes, spices, cereals and other kitchen gizmos; white countertop made of quality stone, on which you can cook your best dishes; and gold elements in the form of handles and faucet. They add a certain zest to the look of the entire kitchen design.

#6 Sky blue farmhouse kitchen

This gentle and elegant kitchen will fit into any interior, and that is not its only advantage. This sky blue farmhouse kitchen is as convenient and practical as possible, its set includes not only a standard work surface, but also an additional – in the form of a kitchen island.

We want to note that all the furniture in this kitchen is made of strong and durable wood, it is equipped with a huge number of cabinets: both hinged and floor, as well as shelves. The glossy marble surface is ideal for everyone, because it is the most practical and modern solution. With this design, working in the kitchen will only be a joy.

#7 Bright wooden farmhouse kitchen

Look closely – this is what a modern farmhouse kitchen looks like, and it’s perfect. Wood, especially light wood, always looks good in any interior, whether it’s a table in the living room, a closet in the bedroom or the kitchen furniture. Spacious, bright wooden farmhouse kitchen – it’s just a dream of all housewives.

The main thing – nothing unnecessary, the white cabinets are a perfect match with the cabinets in the wooden style. The highlight in this kitchen are unusual spherical white translucent lamps with gold elements, which hang over the kitchen island, in addition, they perfectly highlight the work surface.

#8 Gray Farmhouse Modern Kitchen

The modern farmhouse kitchen looks really good. This color is ideal for decorating the bedroom, rest and relaxation areas, it does not irritate a person’s visual receptors, gives the brain the opportunity to relax and reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Gray in the design of the kitchen is a great opportunity to use a variety of bright accents, it is not only a great background for them, but also greatly muffles excessive mottling and softens even the most lush colors in the decor. For this reason, it is quite common as a base tone in kitchen design.

#9 A small modern farmhouse kitchen

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to allocate a large spacious space for the kitchen, which is why we present you this option of a small modern farmhouse kitchen. It is also made in light colors, which allows you to visually expand and enlarge the space a little bit.

So even if you can’t afford to furnish a huge kitchen, you can still enjoy this modern farmhouse style design, and your meals will taste even better, because they will be prepared by a person in a great mood, inspired by the great view of the new cool kitchen.

#10 Cool Farmhouse Kitchen

Gentle olive color in the interior, especially in the kitchen interior, will look very cool and modern. This farmhouse kitchen is a great solution for all lovers of unusual elements in the interior. Light olive color fills the interior with the warmth of nature, the freshness of summer and carefree charm. It contains tranquility and tranquility, which we carry into the design of the rooms.

With the help of olive color can create wonderfully harmonious interiors that give home comfort and a sense of joyful anticipation when preparing a delicious dinner.

#11 Dark gray farmhouse kitchen

Dark gray farmhouse kitchen – a great solution for literally everyone, because it is the most practical and comfortable option. These colors give depth to the space, and if you also paint the far wall of the kitchen in dark gray – it will visually increase the room and harmoniously connect all the elements together.

And since the main cabinets are made of wood and covered with white paint, they merge in color with the walls and become kind of invisible, it’s a great solution for small spaces.

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