Living room lighting – 28 ways to light up your room!

Everyone knows that a house is not a home when it doesn’t have your preferred personal touch. For this reason, most people decorate their houses in different ways.

There are many ideas on how to add a living room lighting and successfully give it your preferred look and your preferred appearance. One of the ways to give your house that feel is by customizing the lighting in your house. This can be done in different ways.


Chandeliers are common in most homes. They will give your house that beautiful and classy look while at the same time distributing light evenly all over your house.


These are a type of living room lightings that are attached to the house rather than the ceiling. They can be installed in different positions of the living room to give your house even lighting.

They can be decorated with shades or glass diffusers.

Recessed lighting

This type of living room lighting provides your house with a focused beam of light that doesn’t have to spread all over the house and can instead focus on one part of the house.




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