Living room couches – 22 reasons to renew your seats today!

For most people, living room couches are just mere seats.


Seats for holding your weight after a day’s work or ushering guests. However, most people fail to realise that living room couches are more than mere seats in that they tell a tale about our personality and what we stand for.

Couches make a statement about who we are. Indeed, you can choose to buy a couch for a seat or you can choose to make your living room couch more than a seat.

Couch Colour

The myriad colours known to man tell different stories. Royalty, for example is classically associated with the colour purple. The colour white is associated with peace. Brown Black Yellow each tell a different story.

The choice of couch colour will thus be very pin making your statement. Bolder people often go with brighter colours whereas reserved people go with the dull colours.

Interior Décor

Much as you may want green for your sofa, the interior décor must blend with the couch colour. Otherwise, your living room will look like a colour circus. You wouldn’t want to give your guests the “colour blind” first impression.

Let your living room couch colour go with the carpet and curtain colours. Let there be marrying of the colours rather than antagonism.


Living room couches are an important part of the living room and should be given special consideration to make a statement.




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