Living room art – 20 methods to make a bare room pop

A piece of living room art can make a bare room pop. With or without furniture, draping or even wall paint can make an entire room pop. Having a piece of wall art in the room can define the home and the people living in it.


Living room wall art can be either simple or bold or both combined in the most unique way possible It can range from paintings to photographs to even 3D artwork. Collaborating your living room with art can make dramatic changes to the atmosphere.

If your living room is overlooking a breezy shoreline with sand, add a little color to it by having 3D tiny blue birds across your bare wall. It creates a breather from the cream colored sand without neglecting the presence of the beach.

Colors and shapes

When your furniture is in bold colors and accented with printed pillows, you can pick out wall paintings that compliment the furniture. Use standard sized square paintings with the same color to compliment the room’s vibrant personality.

It gives attention to both the furniture and the living room art. Wall art in the living room can also make a bachelors pad look more than the usual basic manly colors.

If the walls are a bare black, have a local street artist paint it with white art that would make you living room feel more homey and artistic. It can deviate your thoughts from the busy office environment.


Position your wall art just within eye level for immediate appreciation. Large pieces can go in the center and then accented with smaller pieces to give life to a seemingly boring room.

A horizontal piece of art can also be used to break to visually break a wall. You can also create a dull spot into your personal gallery of photo frames. This serves as dual purpose. It saves shelf space and you can showcase your photos.




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