Drapes for living room – 35 methods to make your room seem bigger

Picking out the perfect drapes for living room does not need to be anything else but simple. From colors, designs and sizes, all these will matter in perfecting the coziness you want to achieve for your desired ambiance.

First thing to consider

First thing to consider is your wall and window paint color. Always keep in mind that color is a factor in your living room. To start off, if you have a pastel rich wall, you can compliment it with nude colored drapes.

For designs, choose something that is subtle and not too loud. Nude colored drapes can have flesh colored design accents just enough to give that simple look a bit of personality without sacrificing elegance.

When you have solid white paint all over drapes for living room, go a bit bolder by having darker colored drapes like Antique Bronze or Arsenic. Accent it with cream-colored base drapes to add color and sophistication.

It’s all about the furniture!

Living room drapes can also make a room seem bigger, especially when you have small windowsills. Pick out drapes that fall just above the floor to create a wider space visually.

With this, your living room would look and feel wider and bigger than it really is.  Another factor to consider when choosing drapes for the living room is your furniture. If you have simple light colored furniture such as white faux leather furniture, enhance it with a bit of color such as Almond, Aero and Bisque.

If you want to build more charm, pick out drapes that has added dark colors like a wide vertical lines with a narrow vertical line of the same color across each side right.


Pick out the best drapes for your living room by keeping in mind the mood you want to create. The living room is a scenic space for you and your guests. It will initially reflect your home and your family.




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