Blue living room – 35 shades of blue

The fundamental to creating a peaceful, clean and model blue living room is integrating blue into the design. when you see blue your mind goes fresh and sophistication.

This gives us the reasons as to why blue is said to be elegant and stylish while giving a calm atmosphere.

Ways to use

In blue living rooms, blue can be used for curtains, perhaps in combination with additional colors such as beige or grey and would not obstruct with the main color in the house.

Blue can be used in carpets, rugs or other items in the house like lump shades, throw pillows and also the furniture itself.

Combine it

Blue is color that looks completely perfect well when mixed with white or yellow. The room becomes so welcoming and brings a calming and relaxing effect that’s needed by any person.

To finish up always add soft touch on the d├ęcor by using blue color on the wall hangings and decorative items. This adds elegance and brings sense of style to your blue living room.



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